Cassandra Welcomes You


Hi. I’m Cassandra and this is the set of Online Dating Tonight. Online Dating Tonight is an online dating talk show that airs every Tuesday. You can catch episodes on YouTube or on or

Every week we deal with a different issue as it relates to online dating. One of the great things about our talk show is that you can participate. Some of our episodes will be based on viewer questions. You can submit your online dating question by emailing me through Some questions will be read and answered on the air.

If you are a Webmaster, you can embed these videos on your site through YouTube. We track viewing statistics and will give a shout out to those sites that have the most viewers watching the show.

I’m excited to partake in this journey with you and I thank you for your time and enthusiasm. I will see you every Tuesday night. Until then, this is Cassandra signing off. Have a great day!